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Viswanath Swamy |  President & Chief of Design

Menswear enthusiast and pursuant of Medicine at Wayne State University, Irvin Reid Honors College. While striving to assist people both mentally and physically, Viswanath is determined to engineer a method to positively influence medical care through the character embodiment of fashion. With his exceptional communication skills from his leadership & research positions to his intuitiveness and eye for creativity from his blog Live vLs, Viswanath is a reputable Chief of Design.

Matthew Trevithick | Secretary & Director of Internal
Affairs and Public Relations

Currently enrolled at the University of Michigan, Matthew has a passion for meeting and building relationships with people. As a an Eagle Scout and member of Michigan's club running team, he has fine leadership experience. His diverse volunteering experience complements the company's philanthropic mission. An alumni of the Grand Blanc High School Echo yearbook staff, Matthew brings unique writing and creative talent to the Blanc team. 

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