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symbolic of a new beginning, blanc's mission is to serve the homeless population of detroit, michigan by bridging the gap that exists between socioeconomic classes. by creating luxury menswear garments, blanc aspires to become the tangible medium that strikes the conversation for investment in the people of detroit. because clothing maintains an intimate connection with the wearer, blanc's vision is to have our wearers discuss the challenge of homelessness in detroit and develop their own personal narratives on how they can continue to aid their community. along with this discussion, a significant portion of each blanc garment sold will directly fund non-profit organizations that continually strive to end homelessness in detroit.


blanc kindly asks you to consider the challenges of your local community and reach out to us with any ideas you believe may assist our community. we are committed to recognizing the brilliant minds around us and integrating it into primary mission of serving detroit's homeless population. because our young founders having to relocate and pursue a steady source of income as recent college graduates, we wish to pass this progress of this project on to the next generation of young students/professionals. over time, we have learned many lessons about starting a business to serve the greater good. thus, if this mission speaks to you and you feel an urge to utilize the artistry that clothing conveys, please do not hesitate to contact founder veesh swamy. he wishes to provide the utmost mentorship, connections, and resources to anyone that desires to embark on this entrepreneurial journey to make a powerful impact in detroit and cities around the nation. 


with gratitude, 


blanc, inc.​

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