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Everyone knows the feeling. That unpleasant sensation in your stomach and the crippling realization in your mind. The feeling of failure.


Perhaps you failed an exam, or were cut from the basketball team. Maybe you weren’t accepted to the college of your choice or you fell short of your parents expectations. Failures like these consume our thoughts, and poison our positive mentality. Finding a way to change that seems impossible.


However, there is a strange beauty in failure- it gives us a second chance. In a way, failure empowers us to fix our mistakes and grow stronger from them. We gain knowledge and skills that we may have never gained without our errors. Failure does not define us- we are defined by how we rise from failure.


The city of Detroit has experienced monumental failures. Economically and socially, this city has failed. This city and its people were labeled as hopeless, useless, and irreparable. Blanc was founded to change this, one person at a time.


Often, we look to money as a solution to these shortcomings. Our company looks beyond such a quick fix. Money is only a single part of creating lasting change in one’s community. What people need is a second chance, a blank slate, a way to start over. This is how we can aid those who are weary and struggling. Stigmatizing the less fortunate because of their failures is wrong: the greatest assistance we can provide is the chance for redemption


Blanc advocates that fashion one way to change this mindset, by crafting a new social image. We believe wearing clothes that define one’s character and individuality is vital to reshaping a broken life. Each of our garments are designed with this purpose, with the hope that our wearers in every community will see the benefits in helping themselves and providing others the ability to better themselves.


Our strong desire to better the lives of those who lack the oppotunities to fulfill their dreams has lead us to fulfill one of our own: founding our own non-profit. Our goal is to create a foundation which encourages our wearers and others to understand the struggles of their fellow man, in addition to rebounding from their own. 


Blanc is on a journey unlike any other- we welcome you to join us and experience the beauty in believing in others.


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